On this page you can find all the things concerning my life. Choices I've made, education I've had and many other things.


My name is Harm de Kluijver, born on June 20, 1999. I was born and raised in Schoonhoven. I went to Christian Elementary School “de Rank” as a child, because I come from a Christian family. That is also the reason why I went to the “Driestar College” in Gouda after elementary School. In retrospect I’m still very happy with that because I think the ambiance and the way of interacting with each other is a lot better than in a public school… but those are just opinions…

At “Driestar College” I took the direction “Electrical Engineering” as that was the only logical direction I could choose (which had a bit to do with IT). Other directions were in construction or trade/sales. I’ve always wanted to do things with computers, so I chose electrical engineering. In the 3rd year of Driestar College I also slowly stopped believing in God and I have my own thoughts about it.

Because my parents decided which University of Applied Sciences I went to, I then went to the “Hoornbeeck College” in Rotterdam. I had a great time there and did the “Media Development” education there. I have completed this education and am now working as a Web developer.

Because of my Christian upbringing I actually grew up listening to a lot of classical music and this is also the reason why I only listened to my first Hardstyle track in the 2nd year of high school. In the Whatsapp-group with some classmates, a friend of mine forwarded the song “Accelerate” by Atmozfears and Code Black. The melody touched me and made a great fascination for Hardstyle and music in general.

At that time I started figuring out how to make music myself. I come from a musical family and I think that formed a good base to get started with making music. I started remaking songs and soon after, I started making individual beats and short songs with my own sounds. After that, I started making more Trap and later House. However, all this time I wanted to make Hardstyle.

Then, I went looking for things and started watching a lot of videos on YouTube about how to make hardstyle. I was also listening to a lot of Hardstyle at the time to find out how music was put together. And now we’re here!

I am very proud of the things I have been able to make and I am looking forward to a future with many collaborations and DJ gigs! Thanks to all my followers and fans for streaming my music. Let’s do this together!

My Timeline

2022, February

A new gig in Zoetermeer! I was scheduled to end the evening with a bang! (and it worked well) It was fun and this will certainly not be the last of this year! Excited for the next gig! See you there?

2021, July 27

First time DJing in public. The DJ this evening was recovering from an accident which made it painful for him to stand so he had to sit down. This was the ultimate chance for me to shine! Since this gig I'm still spinnin the wheels in Gouda!

2020, June 20

LIVE ON 538! My own track on Dutch radio: Pennywise. On 538 there was a "chill or kill" game where artists could submit their songs. If you were lucky you were picked out and your track was played during this game. Listeners could choose via 538's app whether they found this song chill or whether it should be killed... my song is chilled!! Very cool I got to experience this! After this win my track is put in a 538 playlist.

2017, May 8

Released my first Hardstyle track! I know, it sounds like crap but I was proud on this one and I still am. First track that makes me feel like I'm making HARDSTYLE music!

2015, January 29

Released my first music online! This is terrible XD but I am still proud to see how my music has evolved...


Listened to my first Hardstyle track ever. Curious which one?

1999, June 20

A new artist was born!